School bus safety is no accidental coincident. Every design and assembly is well planned, with the highest regard for this nations students. As a matter of fact, Federal regulations require every school bus to be manufactured with five major safety features. These features are not found on America’s basic automobiles.

The Incredible Yellow School Bus

  1. School bus fuel tanks are encased by a steel frame that wraps around the entire tank and is welded to the main frame. This prevents rupture from collisions or rollovers.


  1. The manufacturer is required to use steel trusses in a design called “Roof Bows” mandating that the structure is able to withstand one and a half times its unloaded weight.


  1. The sheet metal joints are required to be riveted in a manner that will allow up to 50,000 lbs. of pulling resistance.


  1. Provides crash protection by keeping the student in a safety cocoon with padded high back chairs, even spacing and secure bolting to the floor. This is considered a passive system which means the student does not have to do anything to activate it.


  1. Swing out stop signs from the left side of the us as well as front and rear flashing rid lights allow motorists sufficient warning that children are crossing the street.


These are only a few of the safety standards required by the Federal government. Many more stringent standards are adhered to including the complex mirror system and the school bus driver who is sent through rigorous training and testing to help provide the safest form of transportation.

  1. Always teach your student to stay clear of the danger zones.

  2. The danger zone is twelve feet all the way around the bus.