Minor Infractions


  1. 1.Loud Talking and/or yelling

  2. 2.Littering

  3. 3.Eating, Drinking, Chewing Gum on Bus

  4. 4.Using Profanity and/or making offensive remarks

  5. 5.Pushing/shoving or hitting other students

  6. 6.Not following directions

  7. 7.Putting arm, hand or head out of window

  8. 8.Not facing forward and/or remaining seated

  9. 9.Using electronic equipment (cell phones, music, etc.)

  10. 10.Other

Student Safety & Discipline

Student discipline is ongoing.

Parent contact may be made with each parent when their student receives a bus citation. All citations are mailed out.

When necessary, a parent meeting is set up at the school site. Present at the meeting will be the School Administrator, Parent, School Bus Driver, Student and the Transportation Supervisor. If needed students are placed on a Transportation contract.

Student Discipline

Bus Rules

Major Infractions


  1. 1.Use or possession of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, firearms, dangerous objects

  2. 2.Extreme Misbehavior which threatens safety of the bus and/or riders

  3. 3.Vandalism

  4. 4.Fighting with other students

  5. 5.Changing bus number, or bus stop without written permission from office (Bus Pass)

  6. 6.Tampering with radio or vehicle controls/sitting in driver’s seat

  7. 7.Throwing objects

  8. 8.Defiance

  9. 9.Other

The safety of our students is The Transportation Departments highest priority. In order to ensure the safety of all students that ride our buses, there is a set of rules in place that must be adhered to. Please review these rules outlined on this page with your student. It is our goal to work with all students behavior issues on the bus whenever possible; however, at times it is necessary to follow our discipline plan.