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School Bus: Meeting and Passing

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Stop for the School Bus

When the Red Lights Flash...

  1. Now that school is back in session in the Bear Valley, the members of school transportation would like to remind valley motorist to watch out for children and school buses. Our bus stops are located through out the valley, with some stops located on busy roadways such as Big Bear Blvd. and North Shore Drive. The law requires the driver of a school bus to activate the red lights at all times when stopped for the purpose of loading and unloading students. Motorist often wonder if they are supposed to stop every time they see a school bus stopped with the red lights flashing. Well, the answer to that is yes, on every two lane road you must stop. However, on a four lane divided highway, such as the Big Bear Blvd between Pine Knot and Stanfield, the opposing two lanes of travel do not stop. There will be times when you see a school bus in the process of loading or unloading students and the red lights will not be on. That is because there are some exemptions for the school bus in certain situations. We urge you to pass any bus pulled over to receive or drop off students with caution as children can be unpredictable no matter how safe the situation.