Debbie Hallinan - Lead Driver / Trainer

Debbie Hallinan began her driving career with Bear Valley Unified School District in 1998. The transportation department’s school bus roadeo team soon caught her attention and she began competing with the team. Over the next five years, she would compete in countless roadeos, including five trips to the State Championships where she placed fourth in the state in 2001.

In 2000 Mrs. Hallinan became a delegated behind the wheel trainer, and in 2001, she attended the California Department of Education, Office of School Transportation’s Academy in Sacramento, earning her State Instructors Certificate. She eventually returned to the academy to attend a course specifically designated for transporting students with Special Needs.  

Mrs. Hallinan’s duties include original classes of new drivers, including classroom and behind the wheel and maintaining training hours of currently licensed drivers. She also is required to stay current on laws and drivers records as required by the California Department of Education, California Highway Patrol and California Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Our Staff starts at 5:30 AM each morning and many work until 4:15 PM in the evening.

We have trips on the road off the hill seven days a week at all hours of the day and night.

Cindy Soules - Dispatcher/Driver/Clerk

I started with BVUSD in 04/2001.  I began as a driver putting on many mountain miles as well as off the hill miles. I have driven every route in the Valley including Special Education routes.  I moved into the office September of 2012. I keep very busy doing the clerical work for the department, keeping records in compliance with California Highway Patrol. I dispatch and man the phones while drivers are on the road and on occasion I drive as a substitute. My number one priority at BVUSD is student safety, whether I am at my desk or on the road.   

The key to our success is our strong training, efficient routing,

dedication to safety and community based employees.

The majority of our staff has had, at one time or another, children attending our schools.

We are truly dedicated to success.