Drivers Training

Training department is responsible for teaching all original classrooms for new drivers. All instruction given is required from the California Department of Education.

The following are some of the subjects covered during our Drivers Training

  1. Bus operations, use, laws and regulations

  2. Vehicle Components

  3. Defensive Driving

  4. Student Management

  5. Activity Trips

  6. Passenger Transportation Safety

  7. All behind the wheel instruction required by California Department of Education

  8. All renewal classroom instruction required by CDE

  9. Prepare courses and teach extensive, specialized mountain training, driving in winter conditions chaining and transporting students with special needs, etc...

  10. Insure that all drivers are proficient in each different type of vehicle, as required by California Code of Regulations (CCR)

  11. Maintain all drivers records of licensing and training and Federal Drug Testing as required by (CCR CFR)

  12. Annual CHP terminal inspection.