School Bus Driver Requirements

All potential candidates for driving a school bus go through an intense learning and testing experience.

  1. All potential drivers must go through a 40 (forty) hour class.

  2. Minimum of 20 (twenty) hours of classroom and a minimum of 20 (twenty) hours of behind the wheel training with the trainer standing next to the candidate.

  3. They must pass drug and alcohol testing and FBI and DOJ background checks.

  4. At the completion of instruction they must pass a series of tests with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Highway Patrol

Drug Testing

  1. 25% of our staff is tested for alcohol each year

  2. 50% of our staff is drug tested each year on a random basis

  3. Cause - If for some reason a staff member is believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol they would be asked to take a test. If they refuse it would be considered a positive.

  4. Pre-Employment - This is completed before any person is put behind the wheel of a bus.

What is Required to be a School Bus Driver?

The California School Bus Driver has continuous training even after they have been licensed and certified by the State of California.

Bear Valley Unified School Bus Drivers training exceeds the minimum number of hours required by the State of California.